Wednesday, 30 April 2008

J2ME Director Player

No code this time round, just a quick «look what I done!» This started life as a cut scene player for a (still unreleased) cutesy puzzle game, which was then recycled for the animations in Football Manager Quiz. It uses similar techniques to the mode 7 renderer (posted a while ago) in order to draw the real-time transforms. Animations are exported from Director, reduced to a compact binary form, then played back in pure Java on the phone. The video shows a (rather aged) K750 and a (slightly newer) K800 in action.


John said...

I am curious about what you have done. Is there anyway to send voice while capturing that in j2me. I heard that is not possible although jsr135 is the replacement of JMF.

But i dont understand how some company developed voip phone using j2me...


Carl Woffenden said...

Is your question in response to this piece on Director or the earlier code snippets on streaming audio? I've not seen any *real* VOIP J2ME clients, just ones that trigger a ring-back service.

John said...

Thank Carl for your reply.
Could you please tell me how the conversation is done in the ring back service...

some tell they use j2me..but how ...?


Carl Woffenden said...

Using a ring-back approach is quite simple: you have a nice J2ME front-end with an address book, etc. To place the call you make an HTTP request to your server, which then calls the phone the application is running on, and then the server calls the destination phone (the HTTP request is just used to set up the connection). Technically it's still VOIP, since that's how the call routing is done.

As for a pure J2ME solution, it may be possible but I've never given it much thought.

no_es_distinto said...

You're incredible!
I'm a j2me developer and I've never seen things like that... I used to work with Director and I'VE NEVER REALIZED THAT YOU COULD DO THAT!

Really, you're my hero now (I'm not gay! but I love your work) xD

Keep doing this great stuff. =)

au revoir!

Carl Woffenden said...

Glad you like it! I plan on making it open source when it's finished.


antonio said...

Carl, you're the man!
Very good job with this
if you're still thinking of making it open source, please let us know

lingo dev