Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Opposite Lock Updated Downloads

Following on from last year's release of Opposite Lock under a GPL license, the full game is available to download from the project's site. The files are the 1.3.4 release from June 2007 (the last commercial release) and are optimised versions of what's available in the repository.

Use the cursor keys and space to play in the above applet (you can also select menus using the mouse). The applet is the J2ME code running using a thin MIDP2.0 wrapper written (originally) to test the game's AI.


WebSeed said...


I just wanted to say how incredible it is that you have shared the source code for this game. The code itself is well commented and clean and I'm learning a lot from it.

Keep up the good work.

Carl Woffenden said...

Hi! Glad you found it of some use! Hopefully in the next month or so I'll find time to post the rest of the game assets and start a tutorial.

WebSeed said...

A tutorial would be great - will keep a look out for this.

no_es_distinto said...


Same as WebSeed.
Love the code!

Long time since I haven't visit the blog. It's important to let you know how grateful I'm with it. =)

Take care!